Upload to Instagram from your Mac

Upload to Instagram from your Mac


Simple Instagram image uploader and feed viewer

Upload to Instagram from your Mac
Easier and more comfortable from a desktop or laptop computer
Add any images from your iPhoto library, back up HD or emails
Add filters and edits in the usual way
Slimmed-down ad-free browsing of your feed and likes
Free to use

*Mac only

That situation when you have some photos on your MacBook or some emailed shots on your iMac and you want an easy and quick way to post them to Instagram without using your phone - this app is for that time.

No longer do you need to email them to yourself and add from your iPhone library, just add from your desktop to Instagram with this Free app.

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Free apps


We're working on a few free apps to compliment the premium product range. These will be standalone apps and will help you working with social media tools and work. They should be out shortly and although won't be real demos of the premium apps, they will hopefully give you an idea of the awesomeness to expect from us and make you feel like giving our apps a go.

They will also be single-task focused to help you do a job in your social media workflow so worth downloading. Keep an eye on here and our store for updates / release information.

Site launch

Post, engage, automate — grow and monetize.

socialfrank apps

Social Frank is a social media tool suite here to help you mass automate the top tasks needed for viral traffic and mass sales on your social media channels.

We have launched our products during most of 2018 in BETA and have collected a many number of users all with great feedback. We are now launching them for real on their own site here at socialfrank.com.

We will post updates here in the updates page as we go.

The premises behind the apps is:

 Social Media Tool focus
 No subscription
 Business Plans available
 Works on all Mac & PCs
 No installation required

🔐 SSL secured checkout
⬇️ Instant download

Feedback so far:
Just used your app to setup two new Insta accounts! Thanks for the saved time! 🙂 It's been a thoroughly pleasant experience thus far!
Great features set and has allowed me to analyse the strength and weaknesses of my Instagram account

Let's enjoy the journey!
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